November 2018

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Vow (Andino + Haven #2) by Bethany-Kris

I’m still reeling from the emotional turmoil this book put me through. At the end of Duty, I was left heartbroken. I didn’t know how long this book was going to take to repair it. Inknew going into this book that it was going to be an emotional roller coaster.

Haven knew from the get go that Andino was trouble. Trouble to her heart and delicious trouble to her body. She had no clue how much he was actually going to break it before he repaired it. Although she supposed to stay away from him in order to heal and ger sanity, she kept on going back to him. It was never enough. Never enough time with him. Never enough seeing him. Never enough of his smiles and laughter. Never enough of his all consuming kisses. Never enough of his electric touches and definitely never enough of the wild way in which he fucked her. She knew her heart was being ripped to shreds every time they parted ways but she wanted him more. A look from him was all it took to forget everything else. 

Andino on the other hand loved Haven just as much. He just couldn’t show it. It was beyond frustrating how he kept on pushing her away but pulling her back in at the same time. He wanted to please his family and protect them but also put himself first as well. He knew Haven was his forever after but he had to break her heart in the meantime to give everyone what they wanted. He kept his plan to himself and our poor girl was left clueless and heartsore. 

I hated Dante in these two books although I like loved him in his book. I felt like shaking him a couple of times and telling him to wake the hell up. Wake up and look how much your nephew is hurting! …… But you still gotta love the Marcello’s even when you think they don’t put love first.

Bethany-Kris is one hell of a mafia romance writer! Thank You for giving us Haven and Andino.

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Accidentally Yours by Ilsa Ames

This book is a fast paced, sweet but incredibly HOT romance. It was a quick easy read which was filled with hell of a lot of carnal activities. These characters could not keep the hands and other body parts (😉😉) off of each other. 

June (female MC) is a shy, mousy introvert who doesn’t have any friends. She runs a non profit for kids because of her upbringing which was rocky. She has a major crush on the bartender/owner, Tiago (male MC), of the bar she always goes to from the first time she met him but she thinks he does not know she exists. Little does she know that he does notice her. He is intrigued by her and lusts after her but first he has to convince her to marry him all for the sake of getting his inheritance.

What starts off as a marriage of convenience quickly turns into more. There was no push and pull for these characters. They dove straight in. They do get thrown a curveball but their love for one another (and the fact that they super horny around each other) prevails. This the the first time I’m reading a book by Ilsa Ames and I enjoyed it.

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All That We Are by Melissa Toppen

I was pleasantly surprised reading this book. It made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. There was a moment when I cried but it just added to the effect the book had on me. It was something that I truly enjoyed.

Miles was tortured by his past in the military and did not do relationships because of that. Harlow on the other hand is in the process of getting a divorce from her cheating scumbag of a husband so the last thing she is looking for is to jump into another relationship. Miles is the best friend of Harlow’s brother so he is basically family. They get blown away by the instant attraction they feel towards each other because they once could not stand each other. I loved their relationship and the fact that they did not jump each the instant they reconnected.

It was a quick read that I couldn’t put down.

The Hero and the Hacktivist

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The Hero and The Hacktivist by Pippa Grant

OH MY GOSH…… Where do I start with this book? What did I read?!

Image result for speechless gifs

It was freaking amazing and beyond funny. Pippa Grant sure does have a beautiful wacky mind to write such crazy eccentric characters. There were so many scenes in which I was laughing non stop.

Image result for can't stop laughing gifs

Eloise is such a queer woman who you can’t help but love. Her mind is such a confusing place and it’s like you get sucked into a wormhole. Her inner monologues are just so damn funny. Please do not be drinking anything when reading this book. I basically laughed so hard that I spat out what was drinking and I also choked during another part. She is such a cute little tattooed sprite who tries really hard to not let people get too close to her so she tries to make people think she is extra weird (I’m saying extra her because lets face it, she is weird) and such a horndog. She literally humps the air. Her hips are always thrusting forward.

Rhett is the complete opposite of Eloise. He is a big macho man with an elephant truck between his legs (according to Eloise) who can snap Eloise like a twig. He is perfect for her. He gets her brand of crazy and gets really pissed off when people call Eloise weird. He didn’t think he would find her so irresistible and his head is just as whacked as hers.

Image result for It was weird but I loved it gifs

I FLOVED this book. It was beyond hilarious and everyone should read it!!!!


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Church (Church #1) by Stylo Fontame

Stylo Fontame delivered with this book!!! It was beautifully written and bypassed every social norm. I loved that it wasn’t a cliche or even a heart-and-flowers type of romance.

This is Church and Emma’s story, who recently became step-siblings. Both had traumatic childhoods that drew them towards each other. Emma’s never had affection and she needed it so badly. Her mother, Margo, was pure evil. The things she put Emma through, my heart broke for her. Church rarely speaks to anyone but during their first encounter, he spoke to her. Church has sociopathic behaviour.

“I chose to stop speaking because there was never anyone worth talking to,” he growled at her. “And I don’t speak now, because it would be dangerous if I did. And they call me Church because yes, I should be worshiped.”

But damn did I love how crazy he was.

“During my puberty, my number one fantasy was killing girls in my class. Marci for being a stupid slut. Janna for wasting oxygen that could be better devoted to plants or slugs.”

Emma became obsessed with him, to the point where she’d stalk, harass, murder for him. Some might say she’s a weak or TSTL-heroine but I can relate (not the murder now). But the obsession part. We’ve all been a lil obsessed with a guy right?

“I understand our relationship….. I know I’m the obsessed one. He’s the crazy one. He’s definitely in the power position.”

I felt so many emotions reading this book. The ending is a cliffhanger. It’s part of a duet. All I can say, is to read this book before you judge. But be warned, it’s not for the faint hearted.

Hero rating: 5+++ stars
Heroine rating: 5 stars
Writing/plot/creativity: 5 stars
Sex scenes: 4.5 stars
Ending: 5 stars
Overall rating: 5++ stars
Would I re-read it again: in a heartbeat

Safety: This book has major triggers. Blood play during sex. Rape. Physical abuse. Attempted suicide. Hero and heroine were monogamous with each other though. Overall its not safe. 

Song most suitable for this book: Bad Romance by Lady Gaga


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Royal Tease (Royals United #1) by Nana Malone

I absolutely adored this book. It was amazing. When I first started reading this, I was skeptical about it because I absolutely loathe the MC’s getting together in the first couple chapters. I love the push and pull. The anticipation of the first kiss. The sexual tension so high that the characters are ready to combust. Throw in some love/hate and that would make my perfect book and this was just that.

Jessa (heroine) is a strong, smart and incredibly sassy woman who is a Princess yet she doesn’t know. She values her job and the roots she is trying to lay down after moving around a lot growing up so she is a bit peeved when a hot, muscled guy with cave man instincts, Roose (hero), comes in and disrupts her life. She dislikes him agreat deal because he tries and succeeds in getting under her skin and irritating the hell out of her yet she can’t help the growing attraction she feels towards him. Roose is sent in by her brothers to protect her. He did not think he would ever develop feelings for her yet he he is, willing to do anything to have her and protect her. He so desperately wants to tell her the truth because of the recent events that have been happening that put her in harms way but he cannot, yet.

That ending though

Major cliffhanger 😭

The next book cannot come soon enough. I’m currently sitting here very impatiently waiting for it.

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Preach (Church #2) by Stylo Fantôme

Arc provided in exchange for an honest review 

I don’t even know where to start. This book was freaking crazy. After reading it, I need a trip to the psych ward. It was so refreshing to root for the bad guys. I was like “Yes, murder them, murder them all!!!”. And trust me, some in this book deserved to die. 

This book picks up five weeks after the events in Church. Emma is seeking help from her suicide attempt. Margo is now her legal conservator and is keeping Emma and Church apart (since she blames Church for Emma’s suicide attempt; and lets not forget he did strangle Margo as well). Church went back to New York and Emma thinks he abandoned her. Emma is now attending Sunshine Ranch for group therapy. Emma has to convince the therapists that she is psychologically normal to get control of her life again.

Emma knew that her obsession with Church was unhealthy and she tried to become better. 

No, I am a complete person all by myself. I don’t need someone to complete me. I shouldn’t have to sacrifice myself for someone else. I won’t listen anymore.

Is love still love if it’s rooted in obsession

From Church’s POV, we can see that in his own messed up way, he does truly love her. And he’s trying to help her. After all in Church (the book) he chose her over his revenge.

I’m here, Emma. I’m with you. Always with you. Just believe in me. Have faith in me. Wait for me. Do that, and everything will turn out right.

They did argue a lot in this book as Emma had a lot of animosity towards Church. But their connection is so strong and unbreakable even oblivious Jerry noticed (view spoiler). Even though, Church cares for Emma, he’s still the same sociopath we loved in book one.

I wish I’d been there. I wish I’d seen the blade going in. I wish I’d seen the blood pumping out. It must of been beautiful to create such an impressive stain.

Overall, this book was a fantastic “bloody” ending to the duet. And as usual, Stylo Fontame’s writing was superb. 

Hero rating: 5 stars
Heroine rating: 4 stars
Writing/plot/creativity: 5 stars
Sex scenes: 4 stars
Ending: 4 stars
Overall rating: 4.5 stars

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Deception by C.A Harms

This is the first book I have read by C A Harms and pleasantly surprised. It was emotional. It was heartbreaking. It was genuine. 

Blair has been hurt many times by different people in her life. Her last boyfriend was a cheat and a junkie and nothing mattered to him more than getting another fix so when she meets Jake she is hit with instant lust and fantasizes about him constantly but she knows it will not go anywhere. They both reach a breaking point and act on the attraction they feel and they were blissfully happy being all up in each other. But eventually all good things must come to an end. Blair found out Jake is just like her ex and he has being lying to her from the beginning. She has been hurt enough and she can’t take it anymore so she leaves but she later finds out that she is pregnant. 

If you are looking for a book where the guy will leave everything behind to be with his woman, this is it!

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Stolen (The Prequel) by Dani René

Arc provided in exchange for an honest review

3.5 stars

WOW… this book is all types of messed up. This takes dark romance to a whole new level. I need a breather after that.

This is the prequel to Drake and Caia’s story, Taken. Drake is the son of Malcom Savage, a man who runs an organization that deals in human trafficking. Drake finds Caia different to every other girl that’s been in the basement as he feels she is strong and will be hard to break. He gets fixated on her and his obsession only grows with time, while she is tortured by others.

Drake was an anti-hero. He didnt want the lifestyle he had. But he had no other option as he was born into it. His father conditioned him to be the way he is, made him get pleasure from depraved acts. 

We all have our crosses to bear. Mine comes in the form of a family name I’d rather never have been born with. 

I want to be the one who saves her from the Devil himself even though it may kill me. I want to sever the link to him and have her be mine. 

What Caia went through, was horribe and my heart broke for her. I just hope she gets some justice in Taken. This book is not for the faint of heart!!! Even I could not cope with how dark it was. This book does end in a major cliffhanger and left me with a lot of questions. Hopefully they’ll be answered in Taken!

Hero rating: 4 stars
Heroine rating: 4 stars
Writing/plot/creativity: 3.5 stars
Sex Scenes: 3 stars
Ending: 4 stars
Overall rating: 3.5 stars


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Cold Cole Heart by K Webster

Arc provided in exchange for an honest review 

4.5 Heart and Soul stars!!!!

Review contains mild spoilers.

Can I have a Cole Heart please? This book was amazing. K.Webster delivered with this thrilling psychological romance.

This is Cole and Natalie’s story. Cole is an ex Navy-SEAL who is suffering from PTSD. Years ago, Cole and his team were hostages to a depraved woman named Anta. They suffered tremendously and Cole was the only survivor. Cole now kidnaps, torture and murders women who remind him of Anta. This is his way of punishing her. Natalie is the 6th woman he kidnaps. But Natalie has been through her own hell. Nothing is worse than Alan for her. Alan is her non-blood related cousin who she stayed with after her mother’s death.

The connection between them is so beautiful. In some ways, their traumatic experiences are so similar, they needed each other to be healed.

You’re not like them. You are different. 

We talk and laugh and when we don’t feel happy, we brood together in silence. Always together. 

Natalie is such a strong heroine. She was not a docile victim. She knew when to fight back and when to be agreeable.

I was pleasantly surprised with this book. And the sex scenes were steamy AF, which is to be expected from a K.Webster book. And that twist in the end had me going WTF. Overall this book is a must read, but be warned it does have sensitive topics.

Hero rating: 5 stars
Heroine rating: 5 stars
Writing/plot/creativity: 4 stars
Sex scenes: 5 stars
Ending: 4 star
Overall rating: 4.5 stars


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All the King’s Horses (Katura Chronicles #1) by Kim Congram

Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall.
Humpty Dumpty had a great fall.
All the king’s horses and all the king’s men
couldn’t put Humpty together again.
Im currently at a loss for words right now….. Mind officially blowntumblr_inline_nbns7q0Gor1t0ujdeI did not expect this yet I truly loved it. I was intrigued by the short blurb because I knew there was going to be a very kick ass woman in this book and it did not disappoint at all. Emma Adira is a Lieutenant Colonel in the army for Katura but because she is a woman, (it’s a dick world) she is talked down to and discriminated by some of her comrades. She puts her country first and would lay down her life for her king and the civilians she was sworn in to protect but only if the king is fair and just. In this case, the new king is not. Adira has to make a decision, follow the king or commit treason and fight to protect her people. She does not want her country to break out in a civil war and protest never go peacefully when trying to dethrone a king.A decadent court, a woman in power, spiffy sidekicks and a revolution with a touch of romance is what this beauty of a book is all about. It was different but captivating and I can’t wait to read the next book. I was disappointed it ended too soon. I’m looking forward to All the Queen’s Men.


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Bryce (Sexton Brothers #2) by Jeannine Colette and Lauren Runow

Once in a while you read a book that truly moves you and makes you want the story to be real. This book was it for me. It was beautiful and it made my heart skip a beat.

Tessa is a single mother who puts her child first. She doesn’t want to introduce a man to her child and later break her son’s heart when iy doesn’t work out. She is sceptical when it comes to love. Her life revolves around her son and she is quite happy with the ways things are so when she meets Bryce she is blindsided. She tries to fight it and push him away but he eventually wins her over.

Bryce is a workaholic and wants to honor his mother’s legacy by working his but off for the business she has created. He has no time for dating but when he creeps ups on Tessa, he is awestruck by her beauty and the fact she doesn’t throw herself at him and is similar to him in many ways. He goes out of his way to be with her and that melted my heart. I fell inlove with him.


I was so happy I got a chance to read this. I finished this book with a goofy smile on my face.

🌟 🌟 🌟

The Beginning of Home (Langley Park #3) by Krista Sandor

“This is just the beginning….”

This book takes you on a journey. A journey of self discovery and healing. We are first introduced to Lindsey and Nick when they are 16 years old. They are both camp counselors for the summer. Lindsey is a jovial, sweet and compassionate girl while Nick on the other hand is silent, broody and he keeps to himself. Lindsey brings out the soft mushy side of him and they fall in love in a short period of time. They get separated and meet each other after 16 years. Lindsey is no longer the same. She has been in a world of hurt and ran away from the cause of her troubles. She goes back to the one place she was truly happy, Langley Park. Her chance encounter with Nick leaves her shaken up and she tries to keep him at arms length but he is her first love. Nick on the other hand never stopped loving Lindsey. No woman could compare to her. He knows she is running from something but the what is killing him. He will whatever it takes to protect her.

Their love for each other withstood time, distance and separation. They finally found their way back to each other. They found their way home.

🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟

Kennedy (The Phoenix Club Girl Diaries #1) by Addison Jane

I don’t usually read books where the heroine offers up her body because the stories are generally fast paced and insta love but this was different. This one was unique. People usually shy away from books where the girl is a club whore or sleeps around but why should we discriminate?! Why are the heroes only allowed to promiscuous?!

Kennedy is a selfless girl who has been dealt a shitty hand in life. She has a younger sister who she would give her life for. She sacrifices herself and goes through some tough shit so her sister can lead a “normal” life. Her circumstances leads her to Repo who has also been through some trauma in his life. He has some issues which makes him all the more protective of Kennedy. They have an instant connection but the fact that they didn’t immediately jump each other really appealed to me. He was very protective over her and did tend to get jealous on occasions. Their relationship was different than other’s because of Repo’s hard limits but they made it work. They find ways around it.

Reading this made me wanna go through all of Addison Jane’s previous books and want to read them. I’m really interested in Huntsman 😉😍.

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Breaking His Law by Madison Faye

Arc provided in exchange for an honest review 

3.5 stars

This book is steamy AF!!!!! Like damn..I need to cool off after that. This is Law and Taylor’s story. Taylor is a 23 year old FBI agent who’s looking into Law. This is an older man/younger woman type of romance. And it’s panty-melting hot. Although it’s a short book, it’s a great sexy read to destress after a long day. Oh and it’s best accompanied with a BOB😉…
Breaking his Law had little to no drama, it’s mainly about the sexy times. Had an alpha hero who just wanted to claim his woman. Law is packed with muscles and lets just say everything about him is huuuuge (sigh). Taylor is a strong heroine who has a mean punch and knows how to handle a gun even better. These two together will definitely light up your kindle. 

Hero: 4 stars
Heroine:3.5 stars
Writing/plot/creativity: 3 stars
Sex scenes: 5 stars
Ending: 3.5 stars 


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Misadventures on the Rebound (Misadventures #16) by Lauren Rowe

Arc provided in exchange for an honest review

4 stars!!!!

This is the second book I’ve read in the Misadventures series and I really enjoyed it. To me, it was a light-hearted read. Not too long, it was an average length book. Definitely not a slow burn type of romance. This was an instant connection/lust type of romance between the characters.

This is Aiden and Savvy’s book. Savvy is a 23-year-old woman who has just had the shittiest day in her life. She just lost her dream job and found her perfect guy cheating on her. This is the same perfect guy she wanted to show off at her 5-year reunion. After her horrible day, she goes to a bar to drink her sorrows away. There, she meets sexy Aiden. Aiden has been going through his own problems and is not in a good place currently in his life. But what they didn’t know is that, they are exactly what each other needed.

This was such a sweet love story. Aiden was a swoon-worthy hero. Their story started off as a steamy one night stand and ended in them finding true love. Although this was a nice sweet romance, I kinda wanted more drama or more twists (that’s my opinion though).
Author’s writing was amazing as well.

Hero rating: 4 stars
Heroine rating: 4 stars
Writing/plot/creativity: 3.5 stars
Sex scenes: 4 stars
Ending: 4 stars
Overall: 4 stars


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4th & Girl (Mavericks Tackle Love #4) by Max Monroe

This book gave me all the feels. It was so damn sweet. I constantly had a smile on my face.

Gemma and Leo’s meet cute so adorably awkward and cringe worthy If I was watching it happen, I would have blocked my eyes. The awkward stuff that she said made me belly laugh. When she first met him she lost her ability of coherent speech and was blabbering whatever came to mind. He found her adorable even after she embarrassed herself infront of him. She left a mighty first impression. He couldn’t get her out of his head and tried a ridiculous way to find her. I fell inlove with them as a couple.

The supporting characters where awesome especially Nonna. I loved her!!! This is my first book by Max Monroe and it definitely will not be my last.


 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟

Playing by Heart by JB Salsbury

“Being one of a million women isn’t the same as being someone’s one-in-a-million” 

This book made my heart so blissfully happy. I devoured it in one sitting. It has an amazing take on love which I freaking adored.

Jesse is a strung out rock star who has been blowing his chances. His vices are sex, drugs and alcohol. He is a first grade man whore. He equates sex to love. I genuinely dislike books where the hero sleeps with any woman with a vagina but Jesse managed to steal a piece of my heart. He managed to push his label too far and has no other option but to clean up his act.

Bethany has just gone through a bad break up and is not totally over her ex. She works as a nanny and a waitress to make up for a mistake she committed. It was definitely not love at first sight when she meets Jesse. He finds nothing remarkable about her and although she finds him insanely hot, she would not go down that road. It takes them quite some time to have a semblance of a normal conversation. I love how she did not get down on her knees for him just because he is a multi-million dollar rockstar. He pushed her and she pushed back twice as hard. There was a point where I thought he is going to be a lost cause (because of his man-whore ways) but he did not do anything to make me dislike him. He has a warped sense of love but he managed figure out the true meaning of that word with Bethany’s help.

The supporting characters are amazing as well and I want to know more about Ashleigh. Her story would be hilarious and HOT. This book cemented the fact that JB Salsbury has now become one of my favorite authors.


🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟

Good Gone Bad (The Fallen Men #3) by Giana Darling

Arc provided in exchange for an honest review

5 Dirty Danner stars!!!!

I need a Lionel Danner in my life!!! ASAP… I’m head over heels for this book. It has the perfect amount of kink mixed in with a captivating plot.

Harleigh Rose is the princess of the Fallen MC and she has just committed murder. She could have a called her father, brother or anyone from the MC to help her but she calls the guy who has always saved her in the past. The guy she’s in love with and hasn’t seen in 3 years, Lionel Danner. Now, I can’t say much about the plot, as it is best experienced with no spoilers. But be advised, this book is best accompanied with BOB😉.

The chemistry between HR and Danner was off-the charts hot. All that pent-up sexual tension was electrifying. The sex scenes were the best I’ve read in a long time. I loved that this book wasn’t just about the sex between them, their connection was undeniable. They have loved each other for a very long time.

”It was only Harleigh Rose I wanted with every multifaceted part of me.”

”I love you and know the way most people know the sun rises in the east and sets in the west, that bikers know the sound of Harley pipes, and cops know the difference between fucking right and fucking wrong that you and I are made for each other.”

You know the author is good when you easily experience the emotions the heroine goes through. You feel her happiness, her pain, her love, her jealousy, her hornyness😉. In this book, I felt everything Harleigh Rose did. And not many authors can accomplish that. This was a beautiful read with steamy AF sex!

Hero rating: 5 stars
Heroine rating: 5 stars
Writing/plot/creativity: 5 stars
Sex scenes: 5+++++ stars
Ending: 5 stars


🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟

Dark Days (Semester One) by Liz Meldon

Where do I start with this book?! Two words some up this book…. EXCEPTIONALLY INTRIGUING. I did not want to put this book down. I devoured this book like a starving woman and it appeased my insatiable appetite. It sucked me in and it left me on the edge of my seat breathless. I loved it! I have been searching for the exact type of this book for a VERY long time.

Calder and Emma’s romance or in this case, tryst is forbidden. They are from two supernatural species that hate each other and are enemies. Shifters and Vampires. Emma is a gym coach at an elite boarding school and she loves it. Her students and the faculty are like her pack. She is perfectly content until the new history teacher makes his appearance. He immediately causes her hackles to rise. They instantly hate each other because of him being a vampire and she a shifter. They keep their disdain towards each other hidden though. They don’t know whether to rip each other clothes off or throats out. They find their attraction to each other perplexing but that doesn’t stop them from hate fucking. The sex between them was bloody, wild, uncontrollable and HOT HOT HOT!

I didn’t want this book to end but I finished it so fast and now I’m left feeling incomplete. I want the next book like right now! I want more Emma and Calder.


🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟

Ace of Hearts (Vegas Underground #3)

Dirty, Addictive and Moving
Three words to describe this book.

When I started this, I thought it was going to be another dnf on my shelf but I just couldn’t put it down. I couldn’t stop reading. I was hooked.

Antonio Brando is the Enforcer for the Tacones family. He runs the Bellissimo Hotel and Casino where the punk rock star, Pepper Heart, is going to headline. She is in quite a jam and her chips have been cashed in. She has to pay of her debt to the Tacones by performing for eight weeks in Vegas. Shr is trapped and Toni is her master. She should be afraid of him. She should feel disgusted and angry at him yet all she feels is a surprising fierce sexual attraction to this dangerous man. He awakens her sexual appetite and she can’t stay away. The same goes for Toni. He is immediately captivated by this lonely beauty and all he wants to do is protect her, in whatever way he can.

I was captivated by the characters in this book. They pull you in with their strength and determination. Toni’s dirty talking was definitely a hook as well.
This is the first book I have read by Renee Rose and it definitely would not be my last.

🌟 🌟

Losing You by HB Jasick

I need to be real honest here….. I’m stuck. I don’t know what to write for this review. I’m looking at all these 5 star reviews and thinking that something must be wrong with me. What did I miss in the book?! I hate rating this book low but I have to give my unbiased opinion.

Tabitha and Matthew are soulmates. They are each others #1 from day 1. A tragic event happens that leaves Tabby devastated and heartbroken and she doesn’t know if she’ll ever move on and love again but she does find it in Brandon. Her best friend’s older brother. He has always loved her but didn’t tell her so he took a step back when he saw how happy she was with Matthew.

The plot was good but either than that I was not feeling this book. It had too much going on. There were just too many deaths. It was sad but it wasn’t tear worthy sad. I felt nothing and I hated it. I feel like such a heartless person saying that but it’s true. I just didn’t vibe with the characters. I felt this book was rushed. I was truly expecting more. I wanted more.

There was a line that I did find beautiful and tragic……

“The more people you lose, the deeper the scars become.”

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