October 2018


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Wicked Needs by L. A Cotton

This is the first book I have read in the Wicked Bay Series and the first book by LA Cotton. I have never come across this author becore but reading the blurb for this book intrigued me and pulled me in. I had to immediately request an ARC for it.

Macey (heroine) is a girl that is misunderstood. Just because she shuts people out and keeps to herself, she is labeled as a cold-hearted bitch. I totally disagree with that. She is a girl who has been taken advantage of because her brother is a big shot and her family is established. People used her and discarded her to get closer to her brother or get revenge on him. She protected him in her own way and he never knew.

She begins a forbidden romance (starts off as just sex) with her brother’s enemy, Devon (hero). She lies to herself and to him that it is just meaningless sex between them but she feels more and so does he so she constantly pushes him away. She doesn’t want to get hurt again so she freezes her heart and locks it up behind thick armor but Devon slowly chips through it because he realizes that Macey isn’t a girl he can let go of. He wants her. She is his. She eventually gives into him and they begin their secret romance but they have some bumps in the road.

I enjoyed this book and I will definitely be reading more of LA Cotton’s books.

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A Princess’s Duty (Of Frost and Fire) by Sloane Murphy

I’m going to be totally honest with my review here. I have received an ARC of this book and I’m not going to lie just because of that.

This book was a 2.5 stars for me. It had a good plot to it and I was so excited to read it because of the blurb but I feel like it didn’t totally deliver. I felt the book to be rushed amd the characters constant change in emotions was giving me whiplash. Although I was genuinely surprised at the cliffhanger.

This was on okay book to me but that’s just my opinion. My rating might be low but that won’t stop me from reading the second book because it’s the type of book that makes you want to read it to find out what’s happening even though you not feeling the book. I do hope the second book is better though.


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Ache for You (Slow Burn #3) by J. T Geissinger

I’m totally, madly, irrevocably inlove with this book!!!! You know a book is unbelievably good when you can’t put it down and someone interrupts you and you have to put it down to deal with them but you silently plotting ways to kill them and not silently throwing a shoe at them….. Well that is how I felt! This book gave me all the feels.

Kimber (Heroine) and Matteo (Hero) as so adorable together. Their banter and sarcasm between the two were hilarious. Their sexual tension was off the charts. I fell inlove with them. They took time to actually have sex which I loved (I love myself some slow burn). They clearly had some misunderstandings between them but they never stopped having strong feelings toward each other even when Kimber wanted to believe she hated Matteo and he was a lying, thieving, handsome asshole. I loved how he loved her and it made me swoon. He did everything he could to get to be with Kimber. He is one of the best book boyfriends ever.

I wish I could read this book for the first time again. It is amazing!


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Bulldozer (Hard to Love #3) by P Dangelico

Let me start off by saying what a gorgeous cover this is. P Dangelico never fails to amaze us with choosing her covers.

Okay, now to the book…… Two words…… FREAKING AMAZING!!!!!!! I could not stop reading. I devoured this book. From the start to the finish it had me hooked. I love the delicious slow burn in all the Hard To Love books.

I loved the sarcasm and wit from Amanda and the fact she did not back down when Grant was a complete asshole to her. Their meeting did not get off to a good start and there was major hostility pouring off of Grant. He eventually started showing Amanda the guy beneath the thick layer of ice and she started falling for him. He was also amazing with her kid which made her swoon more.
I was eagerly awaiting this book from Wrecking Ball and it sure did not disappoint.

Be Still, My Heart. Be Still


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I Bet You (The Hook Up #2) by Ilsa Madden-Mills

I honestly did not think I would enjoy this book as much as I did. I don’t like reading about virgin girls because they are usually shy, timid and whiny but Penelope (Heroine) was the complete opposite of that. She was outspoken and took no shit from anyone. She was also horny as hell.

Ryker Voss (Hero) what a HOT as Hell name. He first comes across as a cocky manwhore but he isn’t like that besides the manwhore part, well former manwhore. All he sees is Penelope. She is all he wants. He will do anything to be around her. He is so goofy with her. And the sexual tension between them is OFF the Charts.

I love them as a couple and I love that it was a bit of a slow burn. It was a good book with a sexy cover.


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The Assist (Smart Jocks #1) by Rebecca Jenshak

This book was so refreshing for me. It’s quite the opposite from the clichΓ©s that are out there about jocks and their love interests.

Here is Wes (hero) and Blair (heroine). Smart popular jock and smart popular sorority sister. As I said before…. So refreshing. Blair misjudged Wes and gave into stereotypes about dumb jocks so their first meeting was embarrassing but he found her quite amusing and entertaining that led to them spending more time together and later falling into a relationship (because that’s what they did) yet they didn’t call it that. There’s some drama that happens (what’s a book without drama called?!…. boring) that causes their relationship to take a bit of a hiatus but love always prevails.

I enjoyed this book and look forward to Joel’s and Z’s book.


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Deception and Chaos (The Chaos Series #1) by S.M Soto


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This book had me from the blurb. It was beyond amazing. It left me speechless but obviously I have to leave a review to make sure people read this book.

It was Dark. It was Raw. It was intriguing. It had me at the edge of my seat. I did not want to put it down. The writing was beautiful. The dark emotion it invokes grips you and make you feel for the characters. It makes you want to fight for them. This is all in the first couple chapters of the book, before we even meet the Hero (Creed). Creed is such a mystery. He is so dark and brooding yet you can’t help but want someone like him. He is a character that you fall in love with. He thinks he has no redeeming qualities but that makes him all the more worthy. The Heroine (Sophia) goes through such a terrible ordeal that you just want to go in the book and break every bone in the kidnappers bodies.

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My Heart hurt for Sophia. She had been through a terrible ordeal yet she still laughs. She still smiles. She still has her heart open for love. She is so strong that you can’t help but admire her will and determination.

The push and pull between Creed and Sophia was not at all frustrating. It made the romance slow burn which I love. He was so cold and distant to her which made him seem like a complete asshole but the smoldering looks he gave her was panty melting.

Lucky we do’t have to wait very long for the next book. The little snippet was not enough after that cliffhanger. I will try and be patient for the Blood and Chaos.

Feels Like Falling (Dangerous Love, #5)

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Feels Like Falling (Dangerous Love #5) by Elle Keating

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This book has two unbelievably strong characters. It is about Luke (Hero) and Peyton (Heroine) who feel like they are damaged because of the horrors they experienced as children. They both have similar backgrounds and come from the same horrific situations. Luke co-owns a winery with his dad and another secret business that only one person knows his true identity and that is his business partner in that venture (It came as a shock to me). Peyton is a world famous supermodel who is the most down to earth person you meet. She does not use her fame to bully others to get what she wants. When they both meet each other they get hit with instant lust. They feel a pull towards each other. Luke, because of is past, feels like he isn’t worthy of love and pushes Peyton away. After he pushes her, he releases his mistake straight away and chases after her. It did get frustrating how many times he did that but what made it worth it was the fact that he did all the chasing.

Peyton opened up about her past to Luke and shared all the traumatic details with him and he looked at her with such pride and awe in his eyes….that’s how she knew he was the one. The fact that she wanted to divulge everything clued her in. Luke on the other hand wanted to kiss Peyton from the very first time he met her (something he doesn’t do) and he couldn’t get her out of his head since he saw on the front cover of a magazine. He knew he was in deep trouble.

Although the sex scenes didn’t go on for pages but there was A LOT of it. They were always on each other like dogs in heat and it was so freaking hot.

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I highly recommend you read this book. It is raw. It is beautiful and I loved it.


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Knight of Sword (Cards of Love) by Autumn Jones Lake

This book was a quick easy read. It is about Roman and Juliet who experienced love at first site. They are both orphans and feel unwanted although Juliet does live with her aunt. Her aunt doesn’t pay much attention to her and a Roman gets bounced a lot from foster home to foster home. They both don’t expect much out of life but they hope for something better. They became everything to each other. They were soulmates.


I don’t usually like to read books where it’s insta-love (I’m more of a slow burn gal) but in this books case I found the characters quite endearing. I may have found their romanced rushed but when you know, you know. They knew they were linked forever and nothing would severe their bond.

If you are looking for a book where the couple plan their future from the get go, then this book is definitely for you.


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Duty (Andino + Haven #1) by Bethany Kris

I honestly do not know how to put what I’m feeling into words right now. I’m feeling too much. Andino is next in line to lead the Cosa Nostra. His uncle, Dante, is handing the title over to him so there is a lot of expectations of him. He has to put his family first. He has to put his men first. The day he is told about the news, he meets Haven. A blonde tattooed angel. He has this instant attraction to her. He eventually seeks her out after their second meeting which happened by coincidence. There relationship is β€˜forbidden’ because she isn’t the ideal choice for the Boss to be with. She isn’t Italian or even catholic so their relationship is rocky because of that. She always feels like she is unimportant to her and he is puts her after everything else which by the way, he does. The good thing about their relationship was the sex. It was so freaking hot.

He made me so angry and frustrated and made me want to cry so many times for how Haven was feeling. She was justified in feeling that way. The end of this book gutted me. It broke my heart. I truly felt for Haven.

I don’t know how to feel. It’s time for me to read Vow now. Hopefully my heart will be mended. 🀞

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