August 2018


Cocked and Loaded

Jordan Marie

 🌟 🌟 🌟


HEA – Yes
Steam level – Medium/ High
Angst – Low/ Medium
OW/OM drama – Yes

First off let me state how much I love the cover. It’s absolutely gorgeous!

The MC’s Black Lucas and Adelle Harrington don’t start off on very good terms. Their first meeting ends in an argument which also leads to a case of mistaken identity between the two. Their issues eventually gets resolved but the hero holds back because he had a pyscho ex and doesn’t want to get hurt again.
They overcome that issue with HOT sex and are pretty happy with each other. The pyscho ex then decides to come and wreak havoc in their lives.

I felt this book a bit rushed and not a lot was explained.
I wanted more of his body being described. There is a gorgeous model with sexy ink on his body which was not described at all. Only a bit was mentioned about his ink on his neck and a passing thought about the ink on his body. Also, with a title like that, I expected the book to be more erotic.

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